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Understand the experience that comes with AOL Mail login

AOL or American Online was one of the first email providers that ever existed and is still one of the most trusted online service providers around the globe. There have been tons of downfalls along its journey throughout the years but it has never let these become an obstacle to its cause. Their ultimate objective has always been maximizing the utility for users and providing the best email services with AOL Mail login accounts. The following read will take you on a stroll through the features of this globally renowned email service, the system requirements, the steps for AOL Mail login enrollment, some causes to common issues and the troubleshooting recommendations.

Get to know the features of AOL Mail

Given below are the primary features that make AOL Mail login accounts an effective route for all your email communications:

  1. You are eligible of attaching files up to 25 MB.
  2. You get an unlimited mailbox size.
  3. Compatible POP3, IMAP and STMP protocols.
  4. You’ll get to link all your email accounts.
  5. Your emails will be secured from spam and virus.
  6. The AOL Mail login will get supported by SSL/HTTPS.
  7. You’ll get free spelling check on your emails.

What is the system requirement for AOL Mail?

The use of AOL Mail login accounts mandates its system requirements. They are as follows:

  1. Windows 7 or later versions- It is said to work more effectively with the latest versions of Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and AOL Desktop Gold login.
  2. Mac OS X and later versions- It is said to work best with the latest and updated versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

How to complete the AOL Mail sign up?

Enlisted are the steps that will lead you to create your AOL Mail login account:

  1. Begin by entering the official sign up website.
  2. Look for the “Login/Join” option and go for it.
  3. Now, you get inside the “Sign in” key link.
  4. Ensure providing valid data required for it.

Note: You can visit,, or to carry on with the AOL Mail login process.

Know “My AOL Mail login screen name and password”

Like every other email service provider, AOL Mail login accounts consist of two very important things for each time you want to log in- the email credentials. However, AOL doesn’t define the term username as it is and they call it the screen name and the password is, as always, the protection against people being able to access your AOL Mail login account. For instance, if an email address is written as [email protected] then, “abc123” will be the screen name according to AOL Mail.

What are the causes behind login failure for AOL accounts?

There are tons of reasons for your AOL Mail login account to not work. However, a few are given below:

  1. The credentials used are incorrect or invalid.
  2. AOL servers are experiencing trouble.
  3. You are on a poor internet connection.
  4. Account inactivity has led to deactivation.
  5. System requirements have not been met.

Learn the troubleshooting steps to fix AOL Mail Issue

Major issues have always been the incorrect submission of credentials and unfulfilled system requirements. Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting steps for two such issues:

Reset AOL Mail password

  • Visit the official webpage for the Sign-in Helper
  • Provide any one of the listed recovery items.
  • Ensure its validity and hit on the “Continue” key.
  • Go forth by following the displayed instructions.

AOL Mail not working on iPhone

Here are the most effective resolving measures for the issue:

  1. Stop the functioning of the AOL Mail application software.
  2. Ensure that the app and the system have been fully updated.
  3. Remember to clear the browser cache and history data.
  4. Eliminate and re-install the application on your iPhone.
  5. Try rebooting your device for increased efficiency.


AOL Mail login account, despite difficulties throughout its lifetime, offers a ton of perks that users benefit from. The above read gives you an idea of the experience with its exclusive features, mandatory system requirements, sign-up procedure, details on the screen name and password, major causes to frequent account issues, and the entailed troubleshooting suggestions that eliminate the user glitches and continues to enhance the user experience.

1) Who owns AOL? +

AOL which was originally known as America Online is a company based in Australia. The brand is marketed and owned by Verizon media. The company provides various services related tothe web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and web browser.

4) Is AOL Mail shutting down? +

AOL which was originally known as America Online is a company based in Australia. The brand is marketed and owned by Verizon media. The company provides various services related tothe web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and web browser.

7) Did AOL change their email settings? +

As of now, there are no changes in the AOL email settings if you access it through the official website or the AOL app. But, you can always change or customize the settings of your email account. This means there is more scope of managing your AOL accounts.

10) How do I transfer my AOL mail to Gmail? +

First of all, you have to login to your Gmail account and click on the “Settings” icon followed by clicking on “Import mail and contacts”. In the field provided under “what account you want to import from?” you have to enter your AOL email address and password to start transferring emails.

2) Does AOL still exist in 2019? +

The news of AOL’s shut down is heard every year but it is still there. Only the AOL portfolios were known to be discontinued in January 2019 but still, there are a number of people using it. It has not been shut down as of now and you can continue using it.

5) How do I fix an AOL email problem? +

There are some problems that hamper the process to access AOL email. These problems certainly are not so big because we may get rid of them easily. You can try to restart your computer or use a different web browser. You may also clear browser’s cache and check if you can access AOL or not.

8) Is AOL still a good email provider? +

AOL has been a good email providing platform for many years and is known for providing free emailing services. It gives you the opportunity to use unlimited inbox storage so that you do not have to delete your older emails for storing the new ones.

3) How do I access my AOL email account? +

In order to access the AOL email account, there are a few simple steps that you should follow one-by-one to avoid the hassle of trying to login again and again. All you have to do is navigate to and click on the “Sign in” button. Enter your login credentials and click on “Sign in” once again.

6) What are the IMAP settings for AOL? +

The IMAP settings allow you to set up your AOL account on a different email service providing platform. These settings include server address, username, password, port, etc. without the IMAP settings, you will not be able to access your AOL account on any other emailing platform.

9) Is AOL owned by Verizon? +

In the year 2015, AOL was owned by Verizon and hence we can say that Verizon is the owner of AOL. Before 2015, there was no connection of AOL with Verizon but then Verizon bought its share and owned it.

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