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AOL Mail Login

AOL mail login via is an important part of receiving services that are provided by AOL. Without creating and logging in to your AOL account, you won’t be able to take the perks of all the benefits of various account related benefits. So, this guide will give you a brief idea about account creation, login process, how to fix a certain login process. To enjoy AOL free services, let us begin discussing aolmaillogin process.

AOL mail sign up process-Explained

To create an AOL account, you need to follow some basic steps mentioned in the following section. The steps are simple and don’t need much effort to complete.

  1. Go to the main AOL mail login page or directly navigate to
  2. After this, click on the “Login” or “Join” option whichever is visible on the top of the page.
  3. Again, you have to tap on the “Sign up” option visible at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Here, you have toprovide the requested information including name, email address, and other essential details.
  5. Now, create a strong and unique password for AOL mail sign in.
  6. Upon providing all the requested details and clicking on the “submit” option, you should be able to complete the sign-up process.

A stepwise guide for AOL mail login via

AOL sign in process requires you to follow a few simple steps so that you can start using AOL services and additional account-related benefits.So, here is how you can login to your AOL account:

  1. Start by navigating to from your web browser.
  2. When the login page opens, enter your username or registered email address.
  3. After this, click on the “next” button.
  4. You may also choose to “Stay signed in” by marking the box present next to it.
  5. Further, you will be asked to enter your password.
  6. Upon entering your password, you are logged in successfully.

Manage your AOL account

With my AOL account, you can easily manage everything that is related to your AOL account. It allows you to edit the information regarding your username, password, AOL account security questions, and more. Here, you can also customize privacy settings for your AOL account and change it according to your preferences. But, for managing your account, all you have to do is AOL login.

AOL Email Settings and Setup

AOL mail settings allow the AOL Verizon users living in the US or UK to customize their email experience just the way they like. However, if you find an issue in changing or customizing AOL mail settings, including error in composing, reading and receiving of your AOL mails, display and sound settings, general mailbox settings, away message settings, AOL Mail Myaccount settings, and reading mail settings, you can contact AOL support services.

AOL mail password reset or recovery

Setting up a strong password (a combination of numbers and letters) helps in securing your AOL account from unauthorized access. If you are unable to remember your password, then you may reset t and recover your account.

  1. From your web browser, go to the “Sign-in Helper”.
  2. Here, you will be prompted to choose one of the account recovery items given in the list.
  3. After this, click on the “Continue” button to proceed further.
  4. Provide the answer to the security question to recover your account.
  5. In the end, follow the instructions given by the “Sign-in Helper” to complete the process.

Try to login at [email protected] once again and see if you can login or not.

How do I fix Problems with AOL webmail?

Sometimes, when you go to the AOL login site i.e. you are not able to access your AOL account. There might be some errors that are hampering the login process and restricting you to use your account. To access your AOL account once again, you need to check certain things that are mentioned below:

  • Restart your computer as it proves helpful in fixing certain minor problems.
  • Try to use a different web browser other than the one you are currently using.
  • Check your display name and see if it is correct or not.
  • Clear the cache of your browser and check if you can access your account.
  • Disable the pop-up blocking software, if there is any.
  • If there is any firewall, then you must disable it.

Steps for AIM mail login

To login to AOL Instant Messenger, you do not need to visit, you can directly login through the messenger and here’s how you can do this:

  1. Open the Messenger and click on the “Sign in/Sign on” option.
  2. When the login dialog box opens, select the “my AOL mail login screen name”.
  3. Click on the “Next” button.
  4. Further, you have to provide your login password.
  5. In the end, click on “Sign On” to complete the login process.

For more instructions on the topics given in this guide, you can connect yourself to the AOL customer support.

1) Who owns AOL? +

AOL which was originally known as America Online is a company based in Australia. The brand is marketed and owned by Verizon media. The company provides various services related tothe web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and web browser.

4) Is AOL Mail shutting down? +

AOL which was originally known as America Online is a company based in Australia. The brand is marketed and owned by Verizon media. The company provides various services related tothe web portal, e-mail, instant messaging and web browser.

7) Did AOL change their email settings? +

As of now, there are no changes in the AOL email settings if you access it through the official website or the AOL app. But, you can always change or customize the settings of your email account. This means there is more scope of managing your AOL accounts.

10) How do I transfer my AOL mail to Gmail? +

First of all, you have to login to your Gmail account and click on the “Settings” icon followed by clicking on “Import mail and contacts”. In the field provided under “what account you want to import from?” you have to enter your AOL email address and password to start transferring emails.

2) Does AOL still exist in 2019? +

The news of AOL’s shut down is heard every year but it is still there. Only the AOL portfolios were known to be discontinued in January 2019 but still, there are a number of people using it. It has not been shut down as of now and you can continue using it.

5) How do I fix an AOL email problem? +

There are some problems that hamper the process to access AOL email. These problems certainly are not so big because we may get rid of them easily. You can try to restart your computer or use a different web browser. You may also clear browser’s cache and check if you can access AOL or not.

8) Is AOL still a good email provider? +

AOL has been a good email providing platform for many years and is known for providing free emailing services. It gives you the opportunity to use unlimited inbox storage so that you do not have to delete your older emails for storing the new ones.

3) How do I access my AOL email account? +

In order to access the AOL email account, there are a few simple steps that you should follow one-by-one to avoid the hassle of trying to login again and again. All you have to do is navigate to and click on the “Sign in” button. Enter your login credentials and click on “Sign in” once again.

6) What are the IMAP settings for AOL? +

The IMAP settings allow you to set up your AOL account on a different email service providing platform. These settings include server address, username, password, port, etc. without the IMAP settings, you will not be able to access your AOL account on any other emailing platform.

9) Is AOL owned by Verizon? +

In the year 2015, AOL was owned by Verizon and hence we can say that Verizon is the owner of AOL. Before 2015, there was no connection of AOL with Verizon but then Verizon bought its share and owned it.

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