Aol Desktop Gold Download

Most of you must be aware about what is Aol, but for the one who do not, here is a brief introduction about Aol. Aol stands for "America Online" and is a web content service provider. You can read local news, and get constant updates on weather and sports events like NBA. Aol's service is similar to AT&T, Yahoo and MSN. Apart from providing its users like you with news and updates, Aol also offers special service called Aol desktop gold download and also like other rivals, provides email service too.

Aol's services including Aol desktop gold can be availed by signing up for an Aol account. To sign up for an Aol account, follow these steps

  1. Visit and click on the "Login / Join" button. The new page will ask you to enter your email ID. But instead click on the "create Account" button.
  2. Fill in the required details and then click on "Continue", also make sure to fill in your mobile phone or wireless calling number.
  3. The Aol page will then show you the number that you filled and if it is displayed correct then you need press "Text Me a verification code" button.
  4. Once clicked, again a new page will open that will ask to fill in the verification code that will be sent on your wireless device.
  5. After filling the code, click on "continue".
  6. If you have filled the details properly, the page will read "Congratulations" and will display your newly created e-mail address.
  7. Finally, click on "continue" to finish the process.

A user should note that if you do not complete the sign-up process for Aol, then you will not be able to download and install Aol desktop gold on Windows 10 computer.

Now that you have created your Aol account, you are now ready to download Aol Desktop Gold. Aol desktop gold download on Mac computers can also be completed by following this process.

How to download and install Aol Desktop Gold

Aol's desktop gold software can be installed on computers running both - Windows 10 as well as Mac operating systems, given that you have an existing Aol account, if you do not have, follow the above mentioned steps to create an account. Once you have an account on Aol, just follow the below steps to download and install Aol desktop gold.

  1. Visit and click on "Upgrade Now"
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page where you will see plans three plans, that you can compare and buy
  3. Select the choice of your plan and click on "Know More"
  4. Now, on the new page click on "Start your free trial*"
  5. The new page will be a form where you need to fill in the asked details including phone number and credit/debit card details
  6. Here you need to again click on "Start your free trial now" to start your download
  7. The downloaded file will be saved in the "Downloads" folder of your computer

You have now successfully downloaded Aol gold download. It is now you will learn as how to install it on your computer. It is very simple, just visit the "Downloads" folder and double click on the file named "Install_AOL_Desktop". Now click on "Run" when prompted and then "Install now"

So what basically is Aol gold download?

Aol gold is a perfect package of software for the ones who are looking to use email with friends and family, browse the internet, and play games and chat. Desktop Gold combines all the things that you know and love about AOL. All these added with speed and reliability.

Here are some common questions that are asked by users. But if you face any problems with Aol Desktop Download you can contact Aol gold support.

What if I don't download Aol desktop gold?

If a user does not download Aol Desktop Gold, then he / she will not be able to take the extra security and benefits that come along the software. Aol helps your computer data to be safe and keeps your identity secure while browsing.

What browser to download Aol desktop gold?

You can download Aol gold from any web browser available on your desktop computer or laptop. After installing Aol desktop gold on your computer, you don't need to worry Aol desktop gold download update, as the software automatically updates itself in the background.

Where is the link to download Aol desktop gold?

At first, you need to sign-up for an Aol account and if you already have one, you can visit and then it can be downloaded following on screen instructions. Aol gold desktop for Windows 10 64 bit can also be downloaded from the same link.

How do you uninstall AOL gold?

There should not be a reason to uninstall Aol Gold. But you may uninstall Aol Gold if you are planning to sell your current computer and buy a new one. You should re-install Aol Gold desktop for Windows 10 for the new computer or laptop that you are planning to buy. So here is how you can uninstall AOL Gold from your old PC or laptop.

Go to "My PC" and click on "Control Panel" and there look for Programs and click on the link that reads "Uninstall a program". Here you will find "Beyond Compare Version", just right-click on it and select uninstall.

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