AOL Desktop Free Version to Discontinue

It has been learnt that AOL plans to slowly discontinue its free service called AOL Desktop, so if you’re still using the AOL Desktop program, it may end soon.Since the last year in April, the company has pushed mails or notification to its users to upgrade from the free version to AOL Desktop Gold version at $4.99 / month. This offer was applicable after a 30-day trial or else switch to use their free services online.

Aol Desktop Discontinued

By this we can understand that AOL desktop discontinued is true and maybe in some point of time, they will stop email support for the older version of free AOL Desktop versions, although no date has been announced or declared.

AOL desktop software discontinued

Here only AOL desktop software is discontinued, users should understand that the company is not discontinuing the free service of email that is offering through the website. Instead it is the alternative to the version of AOL Desktop.

So, if in case you are currently using the desktop version of AOL and want that you should be charged a nominal amount for the offered services, then you should opt for the AOL Desktop Gold services at the time when the company asks you to buy the new plan. Here it is worthy to know that none of your data is lost and will be available in the Gold version. Many tech experts saw some new changes, but they claimed it to be of not much significance if they compared it to the earlier versions.

It is interesting to notice that all the information that is or will be available to you like emails, IM chats, shall be available on the online version too. AOL Desktop Gold Download is nothing but a compact interface wherein websites like Huffington Post, AOL and other third-party websites are displayed. So, if you do not want to pay for the desktop services, it is okay as all this information is anyway available online on their respective websites and these can be accessed through any web browser. And as discussed earlier, all your data including your address book is already available online with AOL, so you will not lose your data if you don’t pay those $4.99.

AOL Mail

Speaking about the mail, it can be accessed on AOL’s website itself. Just visit and then click on the email or envelope icon that appears on the top right-hand-side of the web page. And then use your screen name and password to sign-in into your mail account. Otherwise you can access the AOL email by directly visit

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