How to get started with aol games just words?

In the days of lockdown, gaming has increased at a lot of paces. This is because people have more time than ever to spare for playing games. Most of the people are now involved in gaming and it is seen that they are loving AOL games just words a lot.

aol games just words

Aol free games just words can be played easily by the players by just logging in to their accounts. Also, the game is user-friendly and can be played by people of all ages. But, sometimes users find it difficult to get started with playing it.

So, today in this article, we shall be discussing about the simplest way to play AOL games just words.

What is aol just words?

It is a kind of scrabble game that can be played online for free on aol games platform. All you need to do is just log in to your Aol account. At the same time, this game is really fun because it tests the activeness of your mind.

Now, I am going to share some tips with you do that you can always become a part of win-win situation.

Tips and tricks to ace Aol games just words

Since there are witty opponents the same as you, you never have to leave a chance to ahead in the game. Hence, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you begin playing aol free games just words.

  1. Get knowledge about power tiles- there are ten such tiles that are unlike others. In case they land on your word bar, you should never leave an opportunity to make the most out of them. These tiles include four Ss, J, Q, X, Z, and the two blank tiles using which you can ace the game. Using the blank tiles one can create words anywhere on the board.
  2. Pass your turn- in case you see that nothing beneficial is coming your way then you must let it go and pass your turn to others. You might find it a little non-professional but sometimes it saves you from losing the game. This is specifically done in case of an S. You should not add it to your own word. Instead, adding to the opponent’s word will triple your score.
  3. Swap the tiles- although it is a bit risky but sometimes it pays you off in such a way that you have never thought of.
  4. Don’t go for longer words always- in AOL games just words, the size of the word doesn’t really matter as sometimes it is completely unnecessary.
  5. Beware of the word score- there are triple word score, double letter score, and such sort of scores in just words. These scores can completely change the scenario of the game. So, beware of the score when you can make it.

Important: never create a word that falls two or three spaces away from another word because it will give your opponent an opportunity to make a new word and improvise his score.


If you are ready to test mental awareness and increase your thinking capabilities along with your vocabulary, there is no better game than Aol free games just words. By using these tips, you are definitely going to come out as a winner. In the battle of wits, show your opponent that you have got everything that is needed to stay ahead in the game.

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