How to Download and install the AOL app on Android?

Aol, also popularly known as America Online is a New York City based web portal run by Verizon Communications and marketed by Verizon Media. The portal offers news, weather forecast and email service to its users.


A little bit of history…

AOL is known to be among the early pioneers of internet service providers or ISPs and a reputed brand in the US. In the mid 90s, it provided dial-up services and had brought the erstwhile popular web browser Netscape. Although, after the company spun off with Time Warner in 2009 under Tm Armstrong, it started investing in advertising technologies but was finally acquired by Verizon Communications in 2015.

What is AOL

Today, AOL offers news on various categories ranging from current affairs, entertainment, finance and lifestyle. It also provides live weather and sports updates for ongoing sporting events of Basketball and Baseball. Apart from just being a news portal, Aol also offers online gaming, email and search engine service to its users. Its services are at par with Yahoo and MSN.

Download AOL Android App

AOL is no more just a web portal, as the world is getting more compact digitally, you can now enjoy almost all its services via AOL’s Android app. everything from Weather updates to live sporting scores, and from news to email it’s all there on AOL’s android app. Visit the Google Play Store on your android phone and search for “AOL – News, Mail & Video.” Click the “install” button to get the app and enjoy its offerings right on your smart phone.

AOL Mail

Aol’s mail service can be accessed from both PCs and phones alike. To sign up or to read your emails visit via your PC browser and enter your login credentials. For the safety of your account, do not forget to fill in your correct mobile number so that ever if you forget your password you can still recover your mails.

The android app too is easy to use and is also customizable, so that when you log in, you get your personalized homepage that displays news and content that you mostly read. Emails too can easily be accessed via the app. Also, by installing the app, you will not have to sign in every time you open the app.

AOL offers quick and easy solutions to problems that you may face while accessing the portal and its services, to which you can connect to “aol email support” by visiting mail from your web browser for detailed information and resolution of your queries.

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