Is AOL mail down? Login issues in AOL mail

If you are one of the users who are thinking whether the AOL mail down today or not? Then this article will help you to understand what all have gone wrong. Here is the description of the original story behind the AOL login issues that have affected the work of many AOL mail users. Get to know the insights about the AOL mail down and other stories related to it.

AOL mail down

 What is the original story related to the AOL mail server down?

Well, presently there are many AOL users who cannot access the login page of the AOL website. The users are quite affected by this outrange and also talking about the same over the social media platforms to put across their complaints and concerns. However, to this issue, the support assistant on behalf of AOL has been there on Twitter to actively address the complaints made by the users.

The good aspect of AOL mail services

Throughout the issue, the good thing about the company was that it continuously acknowledged the issue over the official handles. They have sent the tweet informing the users that the team of technicians is working hard to fix the issues in no time. They further said that the team apologizes for the inconvenience by AOL mail down. And they have already on the lines to address certain issues. However, they were unable to provide a specific time frame to solve the issues the team is working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

If you are affected by AOL mail down outrage then the team is on the path to track down the root cause of the issue. Meanwhile, the team has used the comments section in order to share the experience and thoughts related to the issues.

Update 1

For the first update about the AOL mail server down, the customer support team declared the problem to be fixed. However, there were many users who were still complaining about the persistence of the issue. In the context, the customers were further suggested to re-install the application to update it.

Update 2

On May 26th, the users were started to experience is an issue again. However, to this issue, the company is saying that they are aware of the issues and are looking out the ways to fix the issues.

Update 3

On September 05, both Yahoo and AOL websites are facing issues like AOL mail down today. You can visit on the official websites and get insights from the AOL website.

Update 4

According to the recent updates the AOL customer support team says they have rectified the issue and working on it to fix up permanently.


There can be several issues that can occur in the AOL login process and the AOL mail down was one of them. So, you do not need to get fuzzy about the situation. You are requested to visit the official website and get assistance from the team to solve the queries.

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