What is an AOL postmaster?

AOL postmaster is a tool specifically available for AOL mail users who are into mail providing services. By using AOL postmaster, the bulk mail provider can easily get themselves updated with the status of email delivery. The providers also use it for getting to know how the subscribers are reacting towards the mail that they have sent them.


The postmaster of any mailbox provider can also be used for getting informed about the number and type of complaints and also to identify if there is an error in their mailbox. This helps them in keeping track of the reputation of their sending domain as well as IP address. AOL postmaster having different functionalities has been the choice of users for a long.

What is the postmaster email address for AOL and how to set it?

The postmaster email address for AOL is required at the time of making use of Postmaster services for carrying out certain mailing operations. Below are given some of the steps to set it up:

  1. Register with the aol.com mail.
  2. Enter your mailing domain and verify that you have ownership of the same.
  3. Ensure that the email authentication is configured correctly at aol mail login site. This action is required because AOL postmaster gets information from SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records.

AOL Postmaster Features

AOL postmaster encompasses the three main panels which are listed and described below:

  1. Popular Links Panel
  • Error Code- By navigating to this tab, you can easily have a look at the error codes sent by AOL for every undelivered email and how can you rectify them.
  • Trouble Ticket-users can use this option to report a problem they are having in sending emails to AOL members. The postmaster provides the list of possible errors along with short explanations to resolve them and the possible reasons for the occurrence of the error.
  • Feedback Loop Request-this AOL postmaster tool can be used to send a request to set up a Feedback Loop.
  • Whitelist Request-You can apply to be whitelisted in case you want to be protected from most of AOL’s spam filters.
  • AOL Outbound Mail Servers-you can see the changes in the AOL mail servers at this tab.
  1. Tools & Technical Help Panel
  • IP Reputation Checker-this feature of Postmaster allows you to check whether your IP reputation is good, bad, or medium.
  • IP Verification-this feature allows you to check the path an email takes while leaving your system.
  1. Guidance & Best Practices Panel

The panel can be easily used if you are looking for information about improving your sender reputation. Additionally, it contains a list of frequently asked questions, and Technical and Policy requirements of AOL mail.

In short, we can say that if you are willing to have a good mailbox service provider, then you must go for AOL postmaster.

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